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Our award-winning carbon management platform equips your organisation with the essential tools to measure, visualise and reduce your carbon emissions.

Coupled with the support of leading experts, our platform empowers your business to simplify carbon accounting, align with regulations, and achieve net-zero emissions.
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Over 1,000 companies. We help businesses measure, visualise, and reduce their emissions.

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Discover Climate Essentials

1. More than your basic carbon calculator
Climate Essentials is a comprehensive carbon management platform tailored to assist businesses and local authorities in measuring, tracking, and reducing their carbon emissions.
2. Precision in Execution
By providing tools and support, Climate Essentials empowers organisations to execute successful net-zero strategies, contributing significantly to their sustainability goals and the fight against climate change.
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Why choose Climate Essentials?

Our platform offers unique features tailored to your organisation's needs, including flexible data input options and advanced estimation algorithms.

  • Stay ahead of regulation and compliance
  • Have a positive impact on the environment
  • Streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance credibility
  • Enhance brand reputation - impress your customers and stakeholders
  • Take climate action

Start collecting your carbon data today

Are you ready to become a more sustainable business? Climate Essentials is here to help you measure, track and reduce your carbon emissions, even your supply chain. Take action today.

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Explore our client stories

Community Fibre

"Our CEO attended a West London Business group meeting late last year with a view to placing more focus on our sustainability project for this year. The Climate Essentials platform was showcased and, for us, this felt like the perfect first step - a very user-friendly system to boot!"


"The Climate Essentials platform is straightforward to use and comprehensive and has helped us understand our baseline carbon emissions and which areas of our operations have the most impaction the environment to help inform our Net Zero Strategy."


“It has been really enlightening to recognise exactly what our carbon footprint was during the last proper financial year for my company.  This information helps us to raise awareness of how great the challenge is but also where we need to put our resources and attention to reducing our environmental impact. The clear graphics of the results was the thing that I liked best and also your willingness to embrace making changes when these were suggested to you, such as allowing us to have multiple buildings for one company."

Barry Bassett - Managing Director

Stock Right Now

“The lovely people at [Climate Essentials] showed us how easy it is to measure and reduce our carbon footprint. Not only because they have designed their fabulous software to make it easy to start and easy for you to improve your carbon footprint over time. Climate Essentials is incredible intuitive, and incredibly affordable, and how good is that? Because let’s face it, saving the planet shouldn’t be difficult or expensive.”

Neil Alexander -  Owner

Clarke & Son Solicitors

"Our Experience using the Climate Essentials platform has been great. It is very simple to use, and the Climate Essentials team were very knowledgeable and clear when explain how to use the platform."

Emily Allen - Digital Marketing Executive

IASME Consortium  

"Climate Essentials has helped us understand which aspects of our carbon footprint are most realistic to reduce and which aspects contribute most."

Dr Emma Philpott - CEO


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