IEC Limited - BCP Case Studies Series

July 16, 2024
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In January we met with Anna, Lead QHSE Engineer, and her team at the IEC offices in Poole. IEC Limited is a family run stockist and reseller business with a total of 24 full time employees. The business's operations are based around reselling and stocking precision mechanical components such as miniature bearings and disc springs. The company started using Climate Essentials back in June 2022 to keep in line with legal and other industry standard requirements. The understanding of the path to net zero within the precision engineering market is above average and so customers and suppliers follow strict guidelines to reduce carbon emissions. When IEC heard that BCP Council were offering free access to Climate Essentials, the company was excited to initiate carbon management immediately.

Anna and the IEC team have found Climate Essentials incredibly helpful in understanding where the company currently stands on the journey to net zero, “I found Climate Essentials to be very effective in understanding CO2 emissions to achieve net zero for a company as soon as possible. I believe using the platform will be helpful to promote sustainable behaviour within a company and would save time in reporting emissions”.

Currently the business operates from an office and warehouse located on the Nuffield Industrial site in Poole. IEC Limited has no manufacturing facilities in the UK and all their goods are supplied from Europe and the Far East meaning most of the company’s emissions fall into scope three, due to the transportation of goods. To reduce scope one and two emissions, the office building is in the midst of a renovation which is taking into consideration changes to make the building more energy efficient. IEC have also reduced the number of owned vehicles and also massively reduced the company spend on print paper which is down 72% from 2019 to 2020. The heating is now set up to a time controller so it is only utilised during working hours and the company allows sales team members to work certain days from home to reduce employee commuting emissions.

IEC has ambitious goals and wants to limit its impact on the environment by reducing CO2e emissions from scope one and two and business travel to achieve a net zero status sooner than 2050. Anna has found the process a good learning curve that has allowed her to understand the process better. She found that the Climate Essentials platform has a user-friendly interface. Overall Anna has found the process enjoyable and very rewarding, “The most valuable achievement is the support and enthusiasm given by all the staff in our path to net zero.”

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